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Cedarwood Wood Products

Avoid the hazards and odor of chemical moth balls while enjoying the delightful fragrance of Aromatic Cedar. Put its natural ability to repel insects and mildew to work for you. Use for safe storage of fabric and paper items. Scatter in dresser drawers, under seat cushions, or place in storage boxes, luggage, and shoes. The convenient shape allows for placing blocks and balls in pockets when jackets, coats, dresses, sweaters and other clothing are not in use. High moisture absorbency so you get added protection for items up in the attic or down in the basement where humidity changes are common.

Reactivate Aromatic Cedar Wood products with light sanding or with an occasional application of our Cedar Wood oils or sprays.

The responsible solution for protecting your stored items and your family.

CAUTION: Because of the size and shape of the Aromatic Cedar Balls (7/8 inch diameter), we recommend that homes with small children use the Aromatic Cedar Blocks and Cedar Hang-ups to avoid any potential choking hazard.

100Balls.jpg 100 Cedar Wood Balls
100 Cedar Wood Balls are approximately 7/8 inch in diameter. Great for storage boxes, drawers, suit cases, stored shoes and any place freshness and additional insect deterrent is needed. Grown, Harvested and Manufactured in the U.S.A.