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Something Cedar Aromatic Cedar Products

Moth Ball Alternatives

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Aromatic Cedar Products provide a healthy and safe way to defend your home and stored possessions from insects and mildew. Many arthropods resist entering an area where Aromatic Cedar is present. The aromatic presence of Eastern Red Cedar, although pleasant to humans, is offensive to these little pests.

We provide Cedar Wood Moth Balls, the chemical Moth Ball alternative, as well as blocks, hang ups, hanger rings and Texas and Virginiana Cedarwood Oils featuring a unique Cedarwood Oil Blend that allows you to control the strength for your particular application.

There's a Cedar Wood product that's just right for you, whether it's a gift for another or for your own personal use. The gentle fragrance of aromatic cedar is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Indoor air quality has become a major concern in every corner of the world. When the media reports, that in many large cities, it is healthier to breathe the outside air rather than the air inside a home or business, we all have a challenge. We simply have to improve the air we re-circulate through our homes and offices.

Aromatic Cedar had been used by Native American Tribes before the arrival of "Civilized" cultures. It's ability to prevent intrusion by insects, resistance to mildew along with its fragrant aroma, made it popular among early settlers in the construction of buildings, storage containers and fencing. An industry, and associated terms, grew up around aromatic cedar. We now find Cedar Chests and Cedar Closets, once so popular with our Grandparents, making a comeback. Why? To date there have been no reports to suggest that insects have developed a tolerance for Aromatic Red Cedar. It worked hundreds of years ago and it still works today. On the other hand, insect resistant "chemicals" and fumigants have been modified as New and Improved, which is another way of saying "deadlier than ever". One is left to assume that my Father's chemical solution for an insect deterrent has lost its toxicity for the insects, but not for humans. Are insects capable of adjusting to man's creations but not to Nature's? It would appear they are.

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